UI/UX Manager

Moscow, Russian Federation


We are looking for an outstanding UI/UX Manager!

Zeptolab is looking for an expert in user experience and player psychology who can contribute to the design of attractive interfaces that are intuitive, functional and simple.

The ideal candidate is driven, creative, and excited to take on the challenge of working with Zeptolab's unique portfolio. Zeptolab games tend not to be just 'another RPG' or just 'another bubble shooter.' As a result we need a top professional with the skills and drive to take on this challenge.You'll find everything we do, from top to bottom, is markedly different than most free to play studios. Our ambitions and expectations are high, but so are the support, resources, and teamwork provided.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Who we are looking for:

Bonus skills

As a little test drive of our job duties, we provide a test task. We would be happy to call for a job interview those who succeed.

Please play C.A.T.S.: Crash Arena Turbo Stars and get to at least level 10 in the game with joining the guild. Propose 10 key UI/UX improvements, which you find the most important for the product at its current state. Briefly explain your choice. Please write not more than 3 pages.

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